Jackie Supports Holding Government Hostage in Political Game


No town hall meetings in South Bend or Elkhart. No solutions. No bipartisanship.

Just more political games and extremism from Congresswoman Walorski.

See Jackie’s latest press standing with the rest of the Republican establishment. Remember all that talk about being an “independent voice?”


Jackie Co-Sponsors Bill To Strip Overtime Pay For Workers


Ready to work for less?

No more overtime pay for you if Jackie gets her way. She co-sponsored and supported a bill that will allow employers to STOP PROVIDING OVERTIME PAY to its workers.

Is this how Jackie supports the middle class?!?

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Jackie uses speech to state that she and the GOP are not interested in compromise



Jackie recently gave the GOP weekly address in which she used the time to bash the President’s budget proposal; a proposal that has been applauded as a strong move towards compromise in that it has a focus on decreasing spending as well as increases revenue.

With recent polling showing that the overwhelming majority of Americans would like to see a budget that both decreases spending and increases revenue, you would think Jackie Walorski would agree that it is a step in the right direction. Unfortunately, Jackie is too much of far right radical professional politician to be interested in anything except inflammatory rhetoric.

Jackie even went so far as to blatantly lie and state that tax increases would be seen by middle-class families, despite the fact that the budget includes tax increases for only the highest income earners and corporations.

As usual, Jackie puts her own partisan politics and protecting the wealthy above doing the right thing for Hoosier families.

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Jackie Campaign Ad Conflicts With Vote for Paul Ryan Budget


Remember a few months ago when there were those campaign commercials with Jackie and her mom? Jackie tells the camera that she will protect Medicare for her mom….how did she forget about that so quickly? She just voted for Paul Ryan’s budget which effectively ends Medicare as we know it.

Jackie Medicare 4

Jackie Stands with Paul Ryan on Budget Proposal to Cut Medicare



Jackie Paul Ryan


Rather than offer any proposals  to close tax loopholes for the very wealthy or any other meaningful reforms, Paul Ryan and Jackie Walorski think we should make severe cuts to Medicare, Education, and other investments in the working class.

Why didn’t you hear of Jackie’s support for the Paul Ryan’s budget proposals during the last campaign? It was there, she just was doing anything she could to avoid talking about it and keep the truth away from Hoosier voters

Not only did Jackie hide her support for Paul Ryan’s budget, she actually told Hoosiers that she would NOT support any cuts to Medicare. Jackie lied to get elected and it hasn’t taken long for the truth to come to light.  Just Jackie being the professional politician we know that she is.

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And for those keeping track, while proposing to throw our country’s Seniors under the bus, Jackie has voted with her Party on EVERY SINGLE vote. What happened to all that talk about being an independent voice? All we are seeing is a rubber stamp. Typical Jackie Walorski. Hoosier’s deserve better.