Jackie Uses Own Campaign Staff in TV Attack Ad


Posing as random people on the street, Jackie actually had to use HER OWN campaign staff in the latest attack ad of her smear campaign. Clearly Jackie is having difficulty finding real non-affiliated Hoosiers that support her brand of partisan politics.

The TV ad is shot to look like people were simply pulled from the street when in actuality, they are Jackie’s own staff and TEA Party members simply reading from the campaign script and regurgitating the same misleading talking points from her campaign.

Some interesting information about Jackie’s campaign staff in the attack ad;

Donna Laureys

Remember that TEA Party group that has a reputation for being so extreme that many of it’s members left to form their own group, TEA Party of Michiana Action Coalition a.ka. TEA Mac (See Post)? Well Donna and her husband John are proud members. Here is their member profile on the organization’s website; http://www.meetup.com/Tea-Party-of-Michiana-Action-Coalition/members/9050275/

In addition, the Laureys household has benefited from quite a large amount of money from the Walorski campaign. According to FEC documents, the Laureys have received over $2,700 from Jackie in the past few months alone. (FEC Source #1FEC Source #2FEC Source #3)

Conveniently, many of these payments are disguised under categories such as mileage that are unable to be substantiated with actual receipts. With the federal mileage rate at .55 per mile and nearly $900 in mileage reimbursements, one would have to have driven over 1500 miles. Keeping in mind that would be the equivalent of driving from South Bend to New York City and back, how likely is it that has occurred in the span of a few months?

Apparently, it pays well to help Jackie spread lies and smears against her opponents.

Carolyn Schwarte

In addition to working for Jackie’s campaign, Carolyn is also a member of that ultra-extremist TEA Party group, TEA Mac along with the Laureys. In fact, right on her profile from the TEA Mac website, Carolyn clearly states that she;

“Has been working on Jackie Walorski’s campaign both in 2010 and again for the 2012(sic) election.” http://www.meetup.com/Tea-Party-of-Michiana-Action-Coalition/members/11827446/

Daniel Lim, Doug Fager, & Pam Tetzlaff

Each of these individuals have been regulars with the Walorski campaign over the past year with each of them having various leadership roles. They can be seen numerous times in youtube videos of parades and other Jackie events directing people and organizing volunteers.

Jackie must be having a truly difficult time convincing independent Hoosiers that she would represent their best interests in Congress, forcing her to use her own campaign staff in her attack ads.

This should come as no surprise as when you have such a clear and well documented history of being an extremist, partisan, and professional politician like Jackie, it would be difficult to convince independent Hoosiers to go on camera and lie for you.

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